Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Thorough Transmission Diagnostics

We Provide Knowledgeable Transmission Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Services

Save money and increase the life of your vehicle with our professional transmission diagnostic services. Once we identify the problem, we will do the necessary repairs to ensure your car stays in top condition. Visit us today!

Get Accurate Transmission Evaluation

Running accurate diagnostics on your transmission or transfer case, either mechanical or electrical, takes knowledge, experience, and the right test equipment to pinpoint the problem. Our shop is best at providing honest, accurate evaluations of your transmission problems.

Solving Mechanical and Electrical Issues

  • Checking for mechanical-type problems (noises and drivability issues) with road checks
  • Electronic checks for computer-controlled transmissions - retrieving trouble codes
  • Checks before and after the repairs are made
Call us for FREE basic diagnostics!
Denny's Transmission Specialists has more than 40 years of transmission repair experience.
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